The password is preferably set to be complex and unique. The password length is greater than 8 and less than 16 digits, the letter + number, and the letter is not limited to uppercase and lowercase; however, special characters, spaces, etc. cannot be used. 

The password suggestion includes uppercase lowercase letters, numbers, and no obvious rules. It is best not to use your name, email name, your birthday, mobile phone and other information that is easily obtained by others. You can also increase the security of your account by periodically changing the password (changed every two months). The password for each replacement is preferably completely different. It is recommended that you use the password manager 1 Password or Last Pass to record and manage password. Also, never reveal your password to others, and exchange staff will never ask for your password.

Two-factor authentication

It is recommended that you bind Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator, a dynamic password tool from Google. You need to use your mobile phone to scan the QR-code provided by Fedlio or enter the key. After the addition is completed, a valid 6-digit verification code will be generated every ten seconds. After the binding is successful, each time you log in to trader account, you need to enter the 6-digit verification code displayed on the Google Authenticator.

Pay attention to fishing 

Be careful to someone who pretends to be the one sent by Fedlio. Try not to click on the link or attachment in the email. Before logging in to Fedlio account, be sure to confirm that the link is the official website of 

Fedlio will never ask for your password or email verification code and Google verification code.